Brick is known for having almost every chain restaurant known to man. It's about time we get a different option for dining out that is locally owned.

Falafel Brothers in the Top Tomato Plaza in Brick opened its doors Saturday with a big grand opening celebration.

Tired of always grabbing a burger when you go to a restaurant? Falafel Brothers offers an extensive selection of Mediterranean cuisine.

We're talkin' homemade hummus, lentil soup, baba ganoush, lamb and chicken plates and kababs, baklava, and of course falafels.

How many times have you been to a catered event and was like "oh, chicken marsala again!" Nothing against chicken marsala. The point is that Falafel Brothers does catering!

After only a very short time, the reviews are in, and they're very positive.

And that goes for all ages.

Welcome to Brick Falafel Brothers!

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