Although many of us enjoy dining outside on the water when the weather is nice, sometimes it's cozy (especially on an overcast day) to dine inside with a nice water view.

Inside The Shrimp Box in Point Pleasant Beach is a wall of windows overlooking the water and fishing boats docked along the harbor.

If you're lucky enough to score a booth (and even luckier not to have too long of a wait) then you will be treated to an incredible view.

I also LOVE their food, especially their Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna, Blackened Scallops, and the Shrimp Box Garden Salad. An awesome lunch that I would eat every day if I could!!! This place also has a salad bar, which is rare these days.

The Shrimp Box has an outside patio and bar, but only certain tables and angles will provide the view you get from inside. (Outside it's not as easy to see the docked fishing vessels, but some tables will give you more of an expansive view of the river. Just depends  what you like.)

In any case, this is just another great place on the water that I who's meeting me there for a meal?

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