Wouldn't it be great to own a little slice of the beach at the Jersey Shore? If you did, where would you want it to be?

It is a titillating question. How many times have you been on a New Jersey beach, and daydreamed that you owned your little piece of that beautiful pie?

Where Would You Buy A Piece Of New Jersey Beach?

It's dreams like that that ring us straight to the local convenience store every time Mega Millions is in the headlines.

The odds of us ever having this dream come true are pretty slim, but that's the beauty of a good dream. We just have to be able to imagine it.

Let's say the dream does come true, and you are sitting on a boatload of money. In this daydream, all beaches are for sale.

Which Town Would Your Dream Beach Be In?

Now, all you have to do is make one little decision. Which Jersey Shore beach am I buying a slice of?

That's the question we recently asked New Jersey residents on several platforms of social media, and after all the calculations, we can determine the spot most of us would purchase.

Here are the top three towns you'd want to buy a piece of beach in, and they're all great choices.

Here Are The Top 3 New Jersey Towns

#3 Spring Lake. It's beautiful, serene, and right out of a postcard.

#2 Ocean City. How could you go wrong with owning a piece of this legendary beach?

#1 LBI. Long Beach Island got more votes than any other beach town, and every single one was well-deserved.

Dream House In Point Pleasant Beach

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