Fairleigh Dickinson University is offering a huge tuition incentive for Ocean County College students who complete their Associates Degree and end up transferring there.

Ocean County College
Ocean County College (Facebook)

An admission agreement between OCC and FDU means a 40 percent tuition discount for students seeking a Bachelors Degree.

Anthony Mastropietro, FDU's Director of Community College Partnership, says the idea is to make college more affordable. He says the savings translates to about $13,600 a year.

It costs between $48,500 and $51,000 a year to attend FDU, including tuition fees, room and board. He adds, some programs for nursing and teaching do require a specific grade point average for students to be eligible for the discount.

In addition to the 40% reduction, students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher will receive a $1,000 merit scholarship per year, students who qualify for NJ STARS II will receive the $2,500 scholarship from the state of New Jersey, and students to elect to reside at FDU's Metropolitan Campus or College at Florham will receive a $1,500 per year housing grant.

"OCC graduates are well-rounded and leave our doors with a solid foundation in education, better able to handle the rigors of an upper-division school. Everyone at OCC is very pleased that Fairleigh Dickinson is able to admit our academically-outstanding students, at a reduced tuition rate, who otherwise might not be able to attend this extraordinary university," said Dr. Jon Larson, Ocean County College President.

"Fairleigh Dickinson University is proud to build upon our partnership with Ocean County College to provide OCC graduates easy access to a variety of undergraduate, as well as combined bachelor's and master's degree programs," Sheldon Drucker, President of Fairleigh Dickinson University, explained.

"Just as importantly in these difficult economic times, these students will be eligible for a significant reduced tuition rate, as well as scholarships and grants."

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