Were you the kid who could have pool parties or outdoor get-togethers on your birthday or someone who had to find an indoor activity to celebrate your birthday?

I was in the ladder group being born in the middle of January but whether it was bowling, laser tag or something else, it was always a fun day.

Most birthdays, if not all, were pretty cold on my birthday, again mid-January.

Although on some occasions, I had some snow accumulation on my birthday.

Can't say that in the summer right?

Birthday's are fun no matter when though, it's the celebration of your life with family and friends!

There is a priest at my church who always jokingly asks little kids if they remember being baptized, which takes place when a child is between 2-3 months old.

Some actually say yes, which draws a big laugh.

We can't remember that day or what the weather was like on the day we were born but we can talk to people who were there.

There's also a way to find out the weather online as well.

The Midwestern Regional Climate Center is one such website where you can enter in your birth day, month and year as well as what town/city and state to learn what the weather was on the day you were born.

No name needed.

Then you can find out what the temperature was, high and low, and then if there was any precipitation.

On my birthday, it was 31 degrees for a High and 12 for a Low....brrr!

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