It's flu season, and this is apparently one of the worst and deadliest in a decade.

Despite the heavy warnings from the CDC, I haven't gotten a flu shot. And I'm not sure I will.

We are apparently at 'epidemic levels' when it comes to influenza cases in the U.S., with Monmouth and Ocean Counties seeing high levels of flu activity as recently as last week, with 77 people testing positive for flu as of the first week of January.

That being said, it's not too late to get a flu shot, but I'm so wary of getting them.

I've never had one, and I've always heard they make you feel sick. The CDC says this year's vaccine is 62% effective, and I'm honestly not sure I'm willing to take the risk of getting the shot and not having it work anyway.

I'm never really around young kids, and the only person I can think of at elevated risk would be my grandpa, who doesn't live with me, and clearly gets enough vitamin C.

How do you feel about flu shots? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!