Well, wasn't I in for a surprise when taking a walk on the beach with my dog, Carolina last week.

One of our new trends during the weekend is to take a walk on the beach at night since Mom doesn't have to be up for work the next morning.

Side note: if you are super stressed, anxious or depressed -- which is 100000% normal at this stage of the pandemic -- I would strongly recommend giving this a try. This time of year, the sky is so clear and the stars are almost always visible.


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Last week, we were walking along the beach when all of the sudden Carolina is just staring at an area of sand. She FROZE.

At first, I was perplexed because she usually only acts this way when other people or animals are in her vicinity.

But then I saw  movement.

An animal scurried to the top of the sand dunes and I was only able to see an outline of the creature and I am going to bet money it was a fox.

Then a few days later, there were two foxes that I saw running to the base of the sand dunes just up ahead from where we were.

I tried to capture photos but it was dark and man, those suckers are FAST so obviously...I was unsuccessful.

But I'm confused. These two instances are the first times I have seen foxes on the beach my entire time living at the Jersey Shore.

The beaches may have some wrappers and what not but it's not like its a hot food destination for animals right now.

Is this normal?  Am I supposed to do something when I spot a fox on the beach?

If someone could let me know because I got so SPOOKED!

Unless....foxes are usually friendly?

The more you know...am I right.

Now I am thinking of Swiper from Dora The Explorer...so that's my cue to exit.

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Have a lovely day all.

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