If you still haven't gotten your Covid-19 Vaccination, rideshare apps are helping you get a free ride to your appointment. 

Yesterday, my phone went off, and it was a notification from Uber letting me know that I was eligible for a free ride to a Covid vaccine appointment, if I needed one. I'm fully vaccinated, but I decided to tap for more information so I could share this important information with you. Here's how it works, directly from Uber's website:

From May 24 through July 4, you’ll get up to 4 free rides (up to $25 each) to and from your vaccination appointments.

When you open up the Uber app, there's a new option to choose "Vaccine" when the app asks you where you're going. If you select that, you're able to get a free ride(s). I was wondering if the ride was only to specific vaccine sites (like mega-sites), but it looks like you can take advantage of the offer when going to any vaccine site (I saw places like CVS, Walgreens, Wegmans, Rite Aid, Shoprite, and Stop & Shop when I checked). Remember, the offer says they'll only cover up to $25 for each ride - so if it costs more (that includes tip), you'll have to cover the rest.

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Lyft is also offering the same promotion. Their website states:

Starting May 24, we’re funding free rides (up to $15) each way, to and from vaccination appointments.

The main differences here, are that Lyft is only covering up to $15 on each ride to your vaccination site, and while Uber's free vaccine ride program is ending on July 4th, there is no clear end date for Lyft's promotion as of now.

This promotion is a huge help for people who may not be able to get rides for various reasons - for instance, if a family only shares one vehicle, for the elderly who may not be able to drive anymore (Lyft actually has directions on how you can call a free ride for someone else), if you're concerned about driving after getting vaccinated due to side effects, and more.

If you know someone who is struggling to find a ride to their vaccine appointment, share this blog with them.

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