Did you know that American's spend a whopping $20 billion dollars on Valentine's Day?!

I am not sure where you all are getting the money but I am definitely in the category of "Ballin' On A Budget."

So here are some FREE, yes you read that right....FREE yet romantic options to do this Valentine's Day.

Tour A NJ Museum - schedule a tour at the Sea Girt Lighthouse to climb to the top and look out over the Atlantic Ocean with your significant other.

Winter Hike - it is a pretty nice day out so a hike can be a nice, adventurous way to go off and get some alone time! Bring your furry friends if you think they would enjoy!

Visit A Boardwalk/Beach - this time of year, these places are pretty much deserted. It's a romantic setting, the weather is pretty decent today, so go ahead and take advantage like a Jersey Shore native should.

At Home Coupons - make each other dinner with what you already have in stock, pour each other a class of wine, give a ten minute massage....all of these are options that you can put on pieces of paper that can be placed in a jar. You pick pieces of paper throughout the evening and wa la!

Scavenger Hunt - you could play this one a few different ways. You could do a hunt for all of the momentous spots in your relationship, places that you both have been looking to go to, or quiz each other on your significant other's favorite places.

To Do List - wake up early and check a few things off of your significant other's to do list. The more they hate the task, the more they will appreciate you stepping in and doing it.

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