It looks like one of the biggest attractions for Freehold Raceway Mall may soon be taken away -- its FREE PARKING!

Well, not completely....but let us explain....

On weekends, visitors will be charged $5.00 for the most desirable spots.

Last weekend, Freehold Raceway Mall started the program by setting aside 60 of the most desirable parking spots. This is just 1% of the total 6,000 parking spaces available and handicapped spaces will be excluded from this promotion.

It is not exactly a surprise that many shoppers did not take this news all that well.

"I don't think it's right," said Lauren Redmond of Freehold Township. "To charge for parking to go shopping in the mall is kind of ridiculous."

However, positives for this promotion include that there is no time limit for the $5.00 parking spaces, it would avoid people driving around in circles searching for a parking spot, and discounts for retailers on site would be offered to those who paid for their parking.

Plus, there are other malls who offer valet parking.

So what do you think -- are you for this additional luxury option or is Freehold Raceway Mall taking it too far?

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