Congratulations to the first Friday Furry Freak of the Week Winners of 2018, Beverly and her adorable rescue pup, Em, from Cream Ridge.

freak copy

Now what is the deal with this interesting ensemble, you ask? Well Bev thought Em would want to get decked out for New Years Eve with the rest of crowd.

I get the tutu.....definitely a girl's dream ALL the time - it's what I wore on New Years Eve...but right now Em looks like a motorcycle riding princess! LOL!

But tutu or no tutu, Em looks absolutely adorable and won herself and Beverly a short stack of New Jersey Scratch Off Lottery Tickets!

Winners must be 18+ and resident of NJ! New Jersey Lottery... because anything can happen in Jersey!

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To enter to win for a short stack of New Jersey Lottery Scratch Off Tickets of your very own, submit your Furry Freak here.

Freak On!

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