Congratulations to Dawn and Carrie Bradshaw -- wonder where Sam, Miranda, and Charlotte are --  from Manalapan for being this week's Friday's Furry Freak of the Week Winners!

When watching the video below....wait for it....

Now, here's the thing with Carrie. Her special talent is that she can get comfortable just about anywhere. Because she is so mall, her owner Dawn says that she never knows where she will spot Ms. Bradshaw next.

Her bed....their bed in the pillow as seen above....under the couch....who knows. It is kind of like a game of Where's Waldo, but Waldo has fur.

Plus, Carrie LOVES to get dressed up....truly uncanny.

Good thing that Dawn and Carrie won themselves a short stack of New Jersey Scratch Off Lottery Tickets because if they win big, it is time to take Ms. Bradshaw shopping!

Winners must be 18+ and resident of NJ! New Jersey Lottery... because anything can happen in Jersey!

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To enter to win for a short stack of New Jersey Lottery Scratch Off Tickets of your very own, submit your Furry Freak here.

Freak On!

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