Say hello to Carol and this adorable cutie, Henry from Brick because they are this week's Friday's Furry Freak of the Week winners!

I guess Henry saw a mouse? But everyone, even us "adults," need to be babied once and a while.

Turns out, when Henry was younger he loved being held like a baby. His owners have since curbed away this rather adorable habit, but everyone needs to break the rules from time to time.

But either way, Henry, your adorable habit has won you and Carol a pair of ski lift tickets to Hunger Mountain!

To enter your own Furry Freak to win a pair of ski lift tickets to Hunger Mountain of your very own, click here!.

These tickets are valid Sunday through Friday excluding holiday periods and will be good through March 31st, 2018.

For more information on Hunger Mountain, click here.

To see last week's Furry Freak, click here.

Freak On!

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