Depending on what time you wake up and where you live you might not have noticed a big difference between this morning and say last week.  However for many today was very different as they went from summer to fall mode even if the calendar tells us that’s not the case.

It is somewhat ironic that the weather will be very different from what we’ve experienced most of the past three months which makes for a less-than-usual transition from pre to post Labor Day.  However we can assume the following no matter what:

  • Alarm clocks whether on phones or old-fashioned devices like radios will go off for in some cases the first time since mid-June. That goes for students as well as parents and oh yes teachers and those who work in schools.  No longer will your body wake you up…it will be the sound of music or some other signal.  Either way you won’t like it.
  • Unless your children wear a school uniform (which I am very much in favor of) a first-day outfit will be in order. Hopefully it was picked out and ironed in advance or it will make a hectic morning even more hectic.
  • Breakfast will be served…maybe.
  • You will have to get your kids to the bus stop or drive them to school. Either way it will be different, especially on the first day. Maybe you don’t have to deal with any of that but you are not off the hook. Driving will be very different because school busses are back on the road and you know what it’s like to get behind them, especially if you’re running late.  Here’s a tip…figure out their time and route and if necessary leave early.
  • You know that Wawa, QuickChek or 7-11 you stop at in the morning. It might be a bit more crowded.

So is there anything on the plus side?  Yes, especially for those of you who live in Point Pleasant Beach, Lavallette, Seaside Park and Long Beach Island.  There are not too many people around and you have your town back.


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