Growing up there were two parts to a good “snow day”. First was a good snow, not half snow half rain, but just a good all snow storm with at least 5-6 inches of fluffy snow. Second, after the actual white stuff, was where we were going to go to sled with our friends.

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Growing up I was lucky enough to have a great hill basically right in our backyard. It was a bumpy average hill, but with a good snow it became a rather nice downhill run. We would listen for our school closing on the radio, and then once we got the word we were closed…it was time to grab the snow clothes and our sleds .


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We would go out early and sled up and down that hill until lunchtime or the point our clothes froze…whichever came first. We head home change into another set of snow clothes and have lunch and then be back out on that hill until it was almost dark or we froze over again lol basically we’d be out for a good eight hours enjoying every minute.

So let’s talk about the BEST places to sled here in Ocean County. We asked YOU where you go for a fun day with your kids ….


Here's a list of some great sledding in Ocean County:

  • Washington Street right next to the Toms River Country Club
  • Central Regional High School, Bayville
  • Ocean County Park, Lakewood
  • Veteran's Park, Bayville
  • Barnegat High School

Of course, if you don't mind traveling Holmdel Park in Monmouth County (Pictured Above) is a great place to sled.


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