Lou and I are trying out some new games on our show this week. And already it hasn't gone as planned.

Do you ever play board games or card games at home?

Well, I got this new card game for Christmas. It's called Rememory and it's designed to play with family and friends to trigger memories of the past and reminisce over some great stories.

When I told Lou and Nancy what a good time my family had playing it -- how we laughed and smiled and enjoyed some warm and fuzzy memories of our past, Lou thought I should bring it in to play on the air. After all, Lou and I are on our 15th year of this show...surely there are some memories worth sharing.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Well... we tried it this morning...and it was sort of a disaster!

Lou didn't like my first story, and then got his blood pressure up when one of the cards he picked out of the deck asked him for a memory of 'a difficult person'......LOL! Guess who THAT reminded him of?

Have you tried this game?

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