George Clooney just revealed that he once refused a $35 million dollar paycheck for a day's work!  What the what?!?!? Have you ever turned down big money?  If so why?  I posed that question to Jersey and got some funny answers...

First, here are the details on George..he was offered $35 million dollars for one single day.  All he had to do was an airline ad. I mean is there anything that could keep me from accepting that kind of cash?  Short of hurting anyone in the process, the answer is NO. What is he thinking?

This all came out because he was asked in an interview by the Guardian if he feels he has enough money at this point in his life. He said,  “Well, yeah. I was offered $35 million for one day’s work for an airline commercial, but I talked to [my wife] about it and we decided it’s not worth it,”.  Wow.

When I asked you in Jersey if you ever turned down cash you said this:

Nick in Freehold:  "I turn down nothing. You should see the crap I've done for under a hundred bucks. I've been a mascot in a sweaty, stinking costume dealing with drunk fans and after taxes it was less that $80 bucks. I did it then and frankly, I would do it tomorrow."

Lana in Northfield:  "I turned down being a guy's date for money. He offered $1,000 for me to be his date for a corporate event, basically to be his eye candy. I don't think he wanted anything more than that...but the idea that I was for sale was a no-go for me."

Analise in Brick:  "I used to donate blood platelets to make $40 bucks in college...I was a regular. There is no way I'm turning down a reasonable offer to make cash."

Mark in Glassboro:  "I was asked to deliver a package for someone and they said they would pay me $200 bucks to do it but I could not ask what was inside. I said, "nope"!  Some might think that was stupid to turn down cash like that but if it is too good to be true it probably is...I was not ready for jail time if I got busted."

Juan in Long Branch:  "I turned down $250 to babysit my friend's two kids this year for New Years Eve. They want to go out and there is no way I'm watching those little snot monsters. #notenoughmoneyintheworld."

Marissa Howell:   "I have a cleaning business and I was asked to help dig out a hoarder and get his house cleaned out. They were doing the dumpster and had a removal team to go in first and I was supposed to sanitize afterward. I took one walk though and said to keep your fifteen hundred bucks. There was dead rodents under the garbage...rusty old nails sticking out of broken furniture and food containers up to the ceiling. It was not worth needing a tetanus shot to clean that nightmare.  Keep it!"

So maybe after reading Marissa's entry I realize I have some limits too...eeeek!  Well it must be nice to be George huh?

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