Asbury Park Distilling is set to be the Jersey Shore's first gin and whiskey distillery. 

Asbury Park Distillery via Instagram
Asbury Park Distillery via Instagram

Prohibition ended in 1933, and since then New Jersey has only had four other craft distilleries.  Asbury Park Distillery will be set up in the heart of downtown Asbury on the corner of Emory and Lake. 527 Lake Avenue to be exact.  Managing partner Andy Karas told Asbury Park Sun that the goal is to be operating and open by March of this year.

Karas added that bringing this concept to life in Asbury has been a work in progress for over two years.  His grandfather was a bootlegger during prohibition and thinks it wild how life has really come full circle.

Asbury Park Distillery will focus on gin and whiskey and will feature a tasting room.  New Jersey law states that patrons can purchase up to 5 liters of alcohol a day to take elsewhere.

Here's a first look at Asbury Park Distillery from their Instagram page.

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