Bourbon has a rich history. It's been distilled since the 18th century. And according to Esquire, the best bourbon can be found right in Monmouth County.

Esquire went state-by-state identifying the best bourbon whiskey. Congratulations to Asbury Park Distilling Company! Their Double Barrel Bourbon was named tops in NJ. Esquire said:

The state that gave America its first-ever distillery is surprisingly lacking in whiskey production today—though it does have this excellent distillery, right near the boardwalk, that makes a Double Barrel Bourbon, aged in both oak and used gin barrels.

Crazy how the first distillery was founded here in Jersey, right? If you've never been to Asbury Park Distillery's tasting room, you've got to make time. They are currently open with limited capacity. While their 88-proof Bourbon Whiskey is delicious and incredibly smooth, their cocktails are just as good.

The distillery has a whole section on their site that explains the meaning of their mermaid logo.

Our mermaid logo is very important to us. We painstakingly ran through iteration after iteration in order to get the perfect symbol to express who we are and how we felt about being a part of the community of Asbury Park. She is flanked by both Juniper berries and Rye stalks. These are key components of our spirits. The medallion behind her is the same medallion that surrounds The Carousel, one of Asbury Park’s most iconic buildings. In her hair and on her crown you will find both tentacles and a seashell.  Both give homage to our location blocks from the ocean. Finally, and arguably most importantly, her eyes are closed. This was done intentionally. Asbury Park is known for being one of the most accepting, collaborative, cooperative, and proud communities in the country. We chose to close her eyes to show how much we respect and embrace those feelings. She is non-judgmental and welcoming of all.

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