Imagine you are part of a Special Task Force Team and your mission is to save the human race from an infectious disease.  Would you be able to focus on this special mission if a live zombie were in the room with you?  Before I continue, let me clearly state this game is not recommended for children under 15 years old.

Of the three rooms at Solve It Sherlock Escape Room in Neptune, Quarantine is by far the most intense.  To expect the element of fear is an understatement.  The owners of Solve It Sherlock Escape Rooms collaborated with a haunted house designer in order to create the psychologically thrilling concept, which currently has a 50% escape rate.  You have one hour to break into the terrorist base and stop the Zombie Warhead Missile from launching as a live zombie is chained to the wall behind you.  Don’t be fooled…the chain has more length than you think.  If the zombie touches you on the shoulder, you may be infected by the virus.  As a precaution, you’ll need to stay in the decontamination chamber for 2 minutes.  Once cleared, you can rejoin your team.

If you are too squeamish, but want to experience the challenges of Quarantine, request a zombie immunity jacket for no zombie contact.  This game is NOT available in any other Jersey escape room.  Click to book your escape room experience.  Solve It Sherlock Escape Rooms can accommodate your private event, so you can share the scare with your own group of friends and family.  You can also buy a gift voucher just in time for the holidays.  #solveitsherlockzombie

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