'Scared in New Jersey' is the Northeast's premiere Halloween event taking over the PNC Bank Arts Center. Here's what it's all about and your chance to get a special offer for Point listeners!

'Scared in New Jersey' is open every Thursday through Sunday in October from 4-9 p.m. It's recommended for those 10 and older.

Tickets are regularly $25-$30 each, but Thursday, October 5 only, use the offer code "POINT" and get tickets for $9.43!

Just click the button below, pick your date and time and enter the offer code "POINT." The box will look like this. 


Experience the legend of the Jersey Devil with attractions like:

The Devil's Midway - The Devil’s Midway experience is plagued with the ghosts of 18th-century individuals that were attacked by the Devil himself.  Attendants can buy food, purchase merchandise, and engage with the victims of the Jersey Devil's terrifying chilling attacks.

Pine Barrens Maze - Attendants will wind their way through a Pine Barrens inspired maze. Large pine trees, branches, fallen leaves will form the walls of the maze. Ghosts of 18th-century victims and the NJ devil will frighten attendants as they make their way through the winding paths.

Old Mother Leeds' Cottage - An experiential theater style attraction allowing attendants to experience the origins of the Jersey Devil while witnessing scenes played out in Mother Leeds' residence.

Blood Drums Stage - Witness Blood Drums in person as they perform multiple performances every night.

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