One classic movie that has become a summertime tradition, especially for anyone living along the coast is Steven Spielberg’s JAWS.   Since the summer of 1975, swimmers at the Jersey Shore can’t help but think about the aquatic villain created by two simple musical notes.  Regardless of how many times you’ve seen the movie, the summer season gets us watching again and introduces a new generation to one of the highest-grossing films of all time.  So, let’s test your knowledge with a little JAWS Trivia:

  1. The originally planned release date of the film was:
    a. Summer 1974
    b. Spring 1975
    c. Christmas 1974
    d. 4th of July Weekend 1975
  2. Peter Benchley, who wrote the novel, makes a cameo in the film as a:
    a. Lifeguard
    b. Doctor
    c. TV Reporter
    d. Police Officer
  3. Fictional Amity Island was actually ______, where they shot the movie:
    a. Nantucket Island
    b. Long Island
    c. Martha’s Vineyard
    d. Rhode Island
  4. The role of Matt Hooper, played by Richard Dreyfuss almost went to:
    a. John Travolta
    b. Richard Gere
    c. Jeff Bridges
    d. Lee Majors

How do you think you did?  All of the answers are “C.”  Keep these fun facts in mind for the next time you watch this summertime classic.

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