Every time I turn around, there seems to be the word snow in the forecast. I hope this isn't on of "those" winters at the Jersey Shore.

To be fair, we have already dodged a few bullets, and our friends to the north haven't been so lucky, but just the threat of snow around here is enough to change schedules, cancel events and just basically mess with your life.

I remember a couple of winters ago we went through something similar. It seemed like every third day there was snow in the forecast. Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn't. A little snow every once in a while is nice, as long as the roads aren't dangerous, but a lot of snow forecasts is just a lot of stress.

Let's just hope that we're just in one of those "weather trends" or whatever meteorologist types call it, and that we get into a different "weather trend" pretty soon. It's not even winter yet!