Always fun visiting our local parks here in New Jersey. Beautiful sights and a chance to get out and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Next time you're looking for a nice activity just google our parks here in New Jersey.

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This beautiful park is Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown, New Jersey. Part of the Monmouth County Park System. It's a wonderful open space with lots of gardens and places to learn about gardening.

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Deep Cut Gardens has a nice nature center plus a greenhouse and other exhibits to check out when you go. We like to take a walk on the various trails they have. The trails are not long but if you do a few it adds up to a nice walk.

Be sure to bring your camera because you will have plenty of opportunities for great pics. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that these are flowers, bushes, trees, etc and they have a certain season for when it's best to view. Obviously, it's spring through summer when the gardens are at their best, so planning a trip during this time is essential for the best views of the gardens.

Take a few moments to go through the photo gallery we put together following a recent visit to Deep Cut Gardens in Middletown and enjoy nature.

Beautiful Flowers In New Jersey

Sights From Deep Cut County Park in Middletown, New Jersey

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