Worms, a living breathing thing we don't give much thought to. They slide in and out of the dirt, sometimes end up on the driveway after a hard rain and often times find themselves on a New York State fisherman's hook. Who knew worms also JUMP? These are some "crazy worms"
According to New York Department of Environmental Conservation, there are worms that may be crawling through your garden this fall and next thing you know they jump. These jumping worms are also called "crazy worms" and you need to get rid of them. Much like the Spotted Lanternfly I reported on this week, the jumping worm is an invasive species native to Asia but have found their way to New York. Maybe they jumped here.
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Jumping worms are dangerous because they eat nutrients out of your soil which will make it difficult for your plants to grow, So, how do you tell the difference from a regualr old Earth Worm and a Jumping Worm? Take a look at the worm’s collar. Jumping worms have a collar that is milky-white, relatively close to the head, and flush with their bodies.

Jumping worms also, JUMP! When disturbed they slither like a snake and sometimes appear to be jumping. To identify and get rid of Jumping Worms, there are few things you can do:
  • Jumping worms have a milky-white smooth collar, close to their heads.
  • Look for dark soil that looks like coffee grounds.
  • Check your soil, compost, tools, boots, and plant roots
  • Clean everything of worms and egg casings before transporting.
  • Check for jumping worms or egg casings when purchasing worms for bait, and also when buying soil, compost, or plants.
  • Report: If you find a jumping worm, take a picture and report it to www.nyimapinvasives.org

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