We have been hearing since March to WEAR A FACE MASK as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

And believe it or not, there is still a lot of pushback so Governor Phil Murphy decided to amp things up a notch. (Because threatening to fine violators just isn't enough apparently)

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Some of my personal favorites that are posted in New Jersey are:

"Mask up New Jersey -- be a hero."

"Best thing about these masks is I can sing along to my music without looking like a weirdo." (Which is very true but it hasn't stopped me before lol)

"All cool kids wear masks during a pandemic. Be a cool kid, k?"

This is a genius way to get the #WearAMask message out to New Jersey residents and have it resonate that much stronger.

The more you are exposed to a message, the more likely you are going to believe in it....or at least think about it when you are in "mask necessary" situations like being inside a store or restaurant.

Mask up New Jersey....because those face masks and the rules attached aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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