*Nerd Alert*: A heated discussion has broken out on a friend's Facebook page about...punctuation. (We're a rowdy bunch!) One of her biggest peeves is when people only leave one space at the end of a sentence instead of two. I was always taught to leave one space! So who's right?

Well, it depends on who you ask. AP Style calls for one. A lot of you probably remember learning in school to use two. Brace yourselves, this may sting a little: according to "Grammar Girl", you use two spaces on a typewriter, one on a computer. (Has to do with the fonts and all...at least now you understand why all the 'youngins' aren't using two spaces!)

But as I was distracting myself looking up these things, I started thinking about other grammar peeves. I generally can't stand misspellings. (I know, we all make occasional mistakes. I'm more talking about the regular offenders.)

I, for one, using ellipses WAY too often... (<--- see??)

So what are your biggest language peeves? Vote in our poll and leave your comments below!

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