We know that there are no days to waste when it comes to summer at the Jersey Shore, so we wanted to find some of the best ways to spend a rainy summer day.

It turns out that one of the places Jersey Shore residents flock to on a rainy summer day is the same place they head to on a sunny day. One great option is none other than Jenkinson's Boardwalk.

There are some great reasons why Jenk's is an awesome rainy day choice. Let's check them out.

Jenkinson's Aquarium...See the amazing animals, pet a stingray, watch the sharks, and remember, the penguins, seals, and sharks may be wet, but you'll stay nice and dry!.

Jenk's Arcade...play some games, and go home with some prizes and memories!

Jenkinson's Sweet Shop...This place is legendary, and it turns out the kids love it. imagine that!

7D Dark Ride...a 7D interactive experience like no other, located at the South Beach Arcade.

We took a tour of all of those places, and you can check out the video below. So, when there's some rain in the forecast, like today, don't worry...there's still plenty of summer fun to be had at the Jersey Shore.

Lou Checks Out Some Jersey Shore Rainy Day Ideas 

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