EAST RUTHERFORD — The stage at MetLife Stadium became Hill Valley High School during Sunday night's Coldplay concert.

After Chris Martin showed a video of Coldplay's Chris Martin son Moses asking his dad to play a song from Back To The Future, their "favorite movie of all time," the band started playing "Earth Angel." Then, Midway through, Fox walked out on stage.

Fox then joined the band center stage as they picked up the pace with Johnny B. Goode.

"That's our dream come true. What a wonderful, wonderful man," Martin said as they embraced at the waist.

Fox's Marty McFly played guitar to both songs during the pivotal "Enchantment Under The Sea" scene in the 1985 movie. In the film, playing the songs helped bring Fox's time-traveling character's parents back together — guaranteeing he'd be born.

Coldplay kicked off its "A Head Full of Dreams Tour" in the Meadowlands with two colorful shows over the weekend. The band played Bruce Spingsteen's Jersey Girl during Saturday night's show.

Billboard reported Fox and Coldplay played together in 2013 at a benefit for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research in 2013.

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