You Garden State parkway drivers absolutely SUCK sometimes.

I was driving on the GSP like any other New Jerseyan does earlier today when I was *THIS* close to getting into one of the worst car accidents of my life.

Here's why.

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I was in the third lane from the left trotting along when all of the sudden a car that was in front of me slammed on their breaks.

Why? To swerve to the right to take the exit that this car almost missed.


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I was not the only car that this incident almost affected and my jaw was open for at least another mile or so until I could pull myself together.

Yes....I flipped them the bird and rightfully so.

So first of all: In what world is it worth causing a major accident just to get off at your exit?

It's not just FYI.

Second of all: Let's say you did miss the exit....we have navigation systems all over the place. They are in the smart cars, on our phones and you would have no doubt been able to find your way to your ultimate destination.

Third of all: We are just a few weeks away from the official start of Summer which means that as crowded as the roads currently are, the number of cars will probably triple by Memorial Day Weekend.

This car is beyond lucky that they got out of this incident without an accident or an injury. You definitely won't be as lucky once the Summer crowds and traffic arrive.

If you are not familiar with the area you are in, I get it. It can be overwhelming but my goodness....making unpredictable moves like this one could seriously injure someone or worse, cost someone their life.

Think before you jerk the wheel....AKA: Don't do it. PLEASE!

Drive carefully folks.

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