From crepes to pulled pork and empanadas to smoked alligator, the Fast Tracks and Food Trucks Festival will feature every food type known to man! How can this get any better? A wine tasting of course.

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The Fest happens at Six Flags Great Adventure April 25-26. You get automatic access to the food trucks with the purchase of admission to the park. If you have a season pass, you're good to go! If you're going just for the food trucks, use the Golden Kingdom entrance. An additional ticket purchase is required for the wine tasting. It's cheaper if you get them in advance here. Oh, and just a word advice. You may want to hit the food truck AFTER you do the coasters.

The food truck lineup this year is stacked! Here's what to expect according to Great Adventure's site,

  • 1 Potato Two - Spudwiches served using a potato as a bun, cheesesteak, BLT, loose beef with bacon, MacDaddy with loose beef, cheese sauce, pickles, lettuce & onion, SudDogs - a hot dog served on a fried potaton skin in place of a roll
  • Bonjour Creperie - Swwet & savory French crepes
  • Carolina Blue - Pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, prime rib sandwiches, shrimp rolls, tacos
  • Chick'n'Cone - Crispy popcorn chicken tossed in a signature sauce and piled into a delicious waffle cone, sweet potato fries
  • Chimney Cake Factory - Heavenly flavors of Transylvania
  • Cupcake Carnivale - Gourmet cupcakes
  • Dark Side of the Moo - Smoked alligator, venison sausage, wild boar, elk, kangaroo, bison, burgers & fries (note from Matt: kangaroo, what?!)
  • Empanada Guy - Empanadas (beef, chicken, cheese, apple, ham & cheese, crab or lobster), Cuban sandwich, white rice & black beans, sweet corn tamales
  • The Happy Pita - Fresh, local food that makes you smile
  • Johnny's Pork Roll - The Sandwich - classic pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll, The Western - pork roll, egg and cheese with sauteed onions and peppers, Pulled Pork Roll - pork roll and cheese with asian coleslaw and BBQ sauce, PBLT - pork roll and bacon with lettuce, tomato and mayo, Pork Roll Reuben - pork roll with sauerkraut, Russian dressing and swiss on rye bread, Pork Roll Grilled Cheese - with tomato, Hawaiian - pork roll and swiss with grilled pineapples, Homefries
  • Local 215 - Slow-cooked pork shoulder, cabbage apple slaw, carolina style BBQ sauch on a brioche bun, homemade biscuits and house smoked ham gravy, 10 spice pulled chicken sandwich with burried sour cream and pickled jalapenos
  • Mexi Flip Taco Truck - burritos, tacos with chicken, steak or pulled pork topped with onions, salsa verde and clinantro
  • Oink N' Moo BBQ - BBQ brisket or pulled pork sliders, chili, baby back ribs, quesadillias and chipotle chicken tacos
  • Prime Kutz - Jersey prime rib cheesesteak, sweet sausage, peppers & onions sandwich, spicy BBQ chicken tips, fish tacos, Italian chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella & roasted peppers on a sandwich, penne vodka blush, PK wings either garlic, buffalo or plain, PK fries
  • Star of the Sea Seafood - Crab cakes, lobster patties, crab balls, calamari, clam strips, flounder, oysters, breaded and coconut shrimp, clams casino, lobster roll
  • Sum Pig Food Truck - Smoked pork parfait, Buffalo chicken nachos, bacon blue smoked pork, gorgonzola cheese applewood smoked bacon and Carolina style BBQ sauce
  • Tater's Half Baked - Soft pretzels, pizza bread cheese steaks, baked and smashed potatoes, grilled cheese, fried pickels, mac & cheese, vegan chili
  • Tony Boloney's Mustache Mobile - Signature subs, cheesesteak ole with steak, chicken or veggies, fried onions, jack cheese, chipotle-house sauce, lettuce & tomato
  • Tot Cart - Plain tots, drunk cheese tots, new bay tots, g-parm tots
  • Waffle de Lys - authentic belgian waffle with sweet toppings, potato and cheese waffle and fresh salad with savory toppings