The most recent massive shooting that took place in Las Vegas has initiated another discussion regarding gun laws and whether or not they should be made much more strict.

A new bill is currently being considered called, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would allow those with a license to carry guns to do so legally in other states where the license was not issued. In a state such as New Jersey, a bill such as this would undermine the current gun laws that are already set in place and make getting fire arms that much easier, even for those with bad intentions.

However, officials explain that our current gun laws are a web of confusion. And it helps absolutely nothing that gun laws differentiate from state to state.

So as much as this has been the very question that has been causing stressful conversation in our country for quite some time....I have to ask.

I understand the need to keep yourself safe because law enforcements cannot be everywhere and anywhere at all times. However, is the loose supply of guns the cause of these very crimes that we worry about in the first place?

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