94.3 The Point's Captain Hook has unfortunately had to hang up her hook being that Halloween is over.

However, I was very surprised about the low number of people who dressed up for work on Halloween. In our office, a Halloween party was held about a week and a half back and practically everyone dressed up and got involved in the festivities.

But on October 31st, you know the actual day of Halloween, I was probably one of the only ones. You can check out my harsh reality check when I realized that I was, indeed, the only one in costume at 94.3 The Point.

But it turns out, I am actually onto something here.

As it turns out, employees who are allowed to dress up for Halloween at work are more likely to, "show higher [level of motivation] and engagement than those who are not allowed to do so."

So I may have been the odd woman out, but apparently I am thinking along the right lines. I may have been down, but I was not out. (Chocolate got me through)

For a closer look at Halloween statistics, click here.

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