So my fellow candy providers this Halloween,

First, I would like to thank you all for decorating your homes and providing the candy to all of the kids that have plans to trick-or-treat this afternoon.

I must say that when I went trick-or-treating, it made it that much more fun when a house was insanely decked out in decorations and the person answering the door was dressed up.

But, please hear this next part: PLEASE don't make any comments on the age of the older kids trick-or-treating this year. If they are not dressed up, that is one thing but if they are, just leave them be.

For some bogus reason, laws in other states are beginning to pass enforcing age restrictions on those who are allowed to trick or treat.

However, these laws have not yet come to the Jersey Shore and I am positive that there are quite a few parents that would prefer to have their kids trick-or-treating compared to any other trouble that they could be getting into.

So let's keep the kids, and yes a 14-year-old is still a kid, doing the things that kids should be doing this Halloween.

I thank you.


Officer Murray.

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