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I read or heard years ago that 90% of people felt it was important to celebrate their birthdays and those of their family and others close to them.  As a professed “glass is half-empty” type of person I probably disagreed for most of my adult years for the simple reason that once you get past a certain point getting older is not really something to celebrate.  You could make an argument that the last GREAT birthday is when you turn 21 for obvious reasons.

In the past year my thoughts have changed on the subject.  Don’t confuse this with me coming to the “glass is half-full” side because that’s not likely to happen.  However I have been reminded time and time again that there is no guarantee of tomorrow and each day, month and year is somewhat of a blessing.  Yes many of us have daily challenges in a variety of ways but we all know many who don’t get to face those challenges because they are not around any longer.

Sure a birthday in your 60’s is a lot different (and quieter) then the celebrations that marked your 20’s and 30’s but no less significant.  Each one is a special occasion and while some go way overboard and think their birthday is a national holiday most of us are just content in sharing the day with the special people in our lives.  A good meal in which you blow out (or I guess fan out in today’s COVID world) the birthday candles at the end is often more than enough.

So if you’re celebrating a birthday today (like Sue Moll’s daughter Abby) I hope you have an awesome day whether your 16 or 66 or anywhere in between.  Every year is one to embrace and as you get older you realize that adding a number is a pretty good thing…sure beats the alternative.

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