I am not really sure what is happening but the stories I have been reading the last few months have me in shock and infuriated.

Not sure what I'm talking about?

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I'll give you one or two examples.

People have been acting like absolute idiots on flights throughout the country for some reason, and I am not really sure why.

Recently and probably the most well-known, there was a viral video going around of a 22-year-old male having to be duct taped to his seat because he was acting violent towards the airplane staff.

He also groped two of the attendants before being physically restrained.

Read that again...and get angry because that is disgusting behavior.

We are also seeing a lot of cases where passengers refuse to wear a face mask while in an airport terminal or even on the airplanes themselves.

A man was actually arrested in Nashville for just that.

I have been seeing headlines like these all over the place.

I know we have been cooped up for a bit because of the COVID-19 Pandemic but did we forget how to travel? Did we forget how to treat people? Did we forget how to fly?


According to this article I found at BusinessInsider.com, "Nearly 1 in 5 flight attendants said they experienced a physical altercation with unruly passengers in the past year."

My co-worker's 8-year-old daughter knows how to behave better than a one fifth of America's population.

This is not something we are going to say is the "new normal."

I can't even believe I have to write this...even as I am writing this...but putting your hands on someone is never acceptable.

If you don't like the face mask mandate -- which is in effect to protect you -- then don't fly.

You are proving nothing except, what? You don't like the rules?

If you don't like that flight attendants are the authority on a flight -- then. don't. fly.

There have also been many videos taken of racist behavior on flights which is then leading to aggressive behavior. If you don't like that all passengers are being treated equally -- THEN DON'T FLY.

I am not saying that this past year and a half has been easy. It has sucked and people's mental health has been challenged.

But this is starting to feel like we are dealing with those young kids who act out in school for attention.

Okay.....fine. You have Mommy's attention but now you are also in handcuffs and may have injured flight attendants who are actually there to help you.

You do not always get your way.

You do not have to agree with the rules to follow them. And if you are forced to follow them, it is not you being stripped of your rights. It is called social order and everyone must be held accountable for things to function.

And if you don't like it, THEN DON'T FLY.

Any profession who has to work with the public on a daily basis will tell you that working with people can be difficult...but it should never be dangerous.

Being a cop is dangerous. Being a firefighter is dangerous.

I hope you think before you act and before you fly because if violent outbursts like the ones linked above keep happening, enjoying a flight to the Bahamas with a glass of wine in hand will no longer be a thing for anyone anymore.

To my flight attendants: I can't even imagine the fear you feel before every flight of passengers boards the aircraft. You didn't sign up for this and if this continues, I hope  new rules are past to protect you...cause this is a load of crap.

Stay safe everyone.

AND PLEASE: Speak and treat others how you would want your Mom treated.

Thank you.

Nicole S. Murray

Sources: Yahoo.com, BusinessInsider.com, NBCNews.com

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