It looks like we may finally know the plans for the area in Hazlet on Route 35 where the old Kmart store used to be.

It already has been announced that there are plans in place to build a Burlington, but what about the rest of the area?

Onyx Equities, the center's owner, has plans to redevelop the entire area and soon introduce a plaza called: Hazlet Town Center!

So what else are they hoping to include in this up and coming shopping center?

There are three stores: a Panera restaurant with a drive thru, a Wawa eight eight fueling stations, and an additional restaurant that will go next to TGIFridays.

There is also talk of moving the Planet Fitness currently in the plaza will be moved into a larger vacant spot in the shopping center.

A hearing to hopefully get this plan going is scheduled for June 20th.

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