This beautiful three year old lived with a big human family with lots of kids and lots of love. He was rather shell-shocked when he lost that life. Check out the video of this amazing pet, .and read on to find out about discount adoption rates, a great Valentine's brunch, and an update on last week's Point Pet!

Our Point Pet of the Week, Doogie, is around 3 years old. He was very sad when he came to the the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) but now he has made new friends and is a happier dog.

He loves to play, and fetch is his favorite game. He'll bring the ball right to your feet after each throw and then back away so you will pick it up and throw it again and again. He just loves this game and can even catch the ball on the fly.

Doogie will amuse himself if he has no one to play with. Everyone thinks it's funny when he tries to put more than one tennis ball in his mouth at a time.He also loves the baby pool and finds it a great place to unwind and relax after a good game of fetch.

Doogie has been going on outings with his favorite volunteer and is really enjoying getting out of the shelter. He is a very good boy on his outings! Doogie also loves playing with other dogs at the shelter.

Doogie is a medium-energy dog who is naturally playful, curious, and trusting. He would love a home where he could be taken for a nice long walk every day and/or play fetch for a while. And he'll curl up next to you in the evenings.

The volunteer that has been taking Doogie home once in a while says he is so well-behaved that he even ignored the Christmas tree and was very willing to wear silly antlers. He's such a good sport!

Doogie is kind of famous, too! He's the dog on the poster for the MCSPCA's "90 for 90" promotion. He is the first dog being offered for a $90 adoption fee because he has lived at the MCSPCA for over 90 days. (It's hard to believe that Doogie wasn't snatched up the very first day he was brought to the shelter...he's that great a pet!)

Also, last week's Point Pet of the Week, Hula, has found her forever home!!!! That's three for three on our last few Point Pets of the Week! Thanks to our great listeners for finding perfect homes for these awesome pets!!!

The MCSPCA is holding their annual Valentine's Day Brunch on Sunday, February 15th to raise proceeds for the homeless animals of their shelter. For details on this wonderful day out, or for info on pet adoptions, CLICK HERE!