It's rare someone will consider a heat wave a "good thing," but many shore merchants are happy to see the thermometer get up there.

Flickr User Goodrob13

After missing several crucial summer weekends because of a rainy June, businesses are welcoming the crowds converging at shore, looking to cool off.

Asbury Park Tourism Director Tom Gilmour says, not surprisingly, any place with an ice cream machine or bar is doing well.

"Because the beach gets extremely hot, people are coming off the beach and looking for an air conditioned place to maybe have a drink or dinner, so our restaurants are doing very well."

Gilmour points out when the sand gets too hot, people stay in the area and venture to other nearby shops to cool off, and local businesses are adapting to the increased demand.

"We have a small theater in town that primarily was just showing evening films, but now has expanded their offerings and are showing movies in the afternoon because there's a market for it. They're doing very very well."

In fact, the only ones not seeing a dramatic bump from the weather is clothing and souvenir shops.

"I think people are not in the mood to be doing any type of shopping, it's too much heat."