You may have the desire to order an ice cold coffee on a hot day, but believe it or not, the hot coffee may be the better choice to cool you down.

Today, it will get into the mid 90's in spots, so it'll be another hot one. Need to cool off? Experts say, under the right conditions, a hot beverage may be more efficient in cooling you off on a hot day. The experts say the concept is pretty easy, according to a report at

The hot drink will actually result in "a lower amount of heat stored in your body", but it only works if the additional sweat created by ingesting that hot drink can evaporate.

The problem for us during this wave of Jersey Shore heat is how humid it is. Experts say the humidity makes it difficult for the sweat to evaporate off the skin surface, and if that doesn't happen, the hot drink is actually a bad idea.

In other words, sweat that evaporates off the skin helps cool you down. If it's so humid that the sweat is dripping off you, it's not cooling you down as well, and in that case you're better off with the cold drink you originally wanted.

Got all that?



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