summer weather

September Weather
Welcome to September. Happy September. You'll hear both phrases all day today, and for summer lovers, it's bittersweet.
Have a Hot Drink Today?
You may have the desire to order an ice cold coffee on a hot day, but believe it or not, the hot coffee may be the better choice to cool you down.
Did Somebody Say 85?
The morning show had just begun, and we were all still a little groggy, so when Liz did the forecast, we looked at each other with some curiosity. Did she say high of 85 today?
Hot days aheaD?
We've all enjoyed the beautiful, cooler than usual temperatures and lower humidity that have people in Monmouth and Ocean Counties using the word September more than the word August, but don't put away the summer clothes just yet.
Jersey Shore – Extreme Weather Or Extreme Worry?
It was a brutal winter with visits from the polar vortex and constant cold, and this summer we've already seen our share of severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings and watches and high winds. But is this really extreme weather or are we just extra worried since Sandy?

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