Nobody needs to tell any of us that us has been a strange year. Nothing that happens this year seems to be normal, but at the same time, nothing seems to surprise us.

So I guess I shouldn't be shocked that it felt like winter (alright, maybe November) and it felt like summer all in the same weekend. And that weekend happened to be Memorial Day weekend.
Of course, the wind was ridiculous at the Jersey Shore, but what else is new? It made almost every minute of the first half of the weekend feel like it was 40 degrees.

The first half of the weekend was bad holiday weekend weather. Of course that couldn't have been good news for local businesses. Hopefully we and the tourists can remember yesterday's weather. Yesterday was a much better representation of what a Jersey Shore weekend is all about.

As a matter of fact, yesterday was what it's all about at the Jersey Shore. Crowded beaches and boardwalks made it feel right. We need a lot of that this summer. A lot of that.

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