The summer of 2013 is turning into one big heatwave. This is the kind of heat that we'll be talking about years from now. And it has been relentless lately.

Heat and humidity will stay with us through Saturday and each day the heat and humidity will combine to make it feel like 100. Lately, that doesn't seem unusual. It just seems like another few hot, sticky summer days that have become the norm.

I remember joining many others in vowing to not complain about the heat this summer a while back, but come on. It's not so much the temperature or the heat index. I think we can all handle that for a day or two. I think it's the relentless day after day after day heat that finally gets to us.

The only thing that may help us to keep that vow is the fact that it's just too hot to complain. And when it's too hot for New Jersey to complain, then it must be really hot.