You have a very difficult task ahead of you. We want you to help us name the Jersey Shore's best beach and boardwalk.

The best Beach and Boardwalk at the Jersey Shore is an amazing honor, and it's not an honor that can be bestowed by some national publication. The only people who are qualified to name it are the people who live at or near the Jersey Shore. In other words, us.

And it all starts with your nomination. Come up with the beach/boardwalk that you think belongs in our prestigious Point Platinum Club and let us know on the 94.3 The Point App, and then get ready to vote.

Think about all the beautiful beaches and boardwalks you have to choose from. We are just about the luckiest people in the world to live where we do. We are also now tasked with choosing one to be named Best Beach/Boardwalk for our Point Platinum Club.

For me, I am going to start by thinking back through the summers and try to determine which amazing place has made the most great memories for me, and then I'm going to add in which place is the one my family loves the best, and that's the formula I'm going to use to make my decision.

Whatever way you decide to use, get it all started by nominating your favorite beach and boardwalk, and who knows, it could wind up getting the most votes and being entered into the Point Platinum Club!

Help us pick the best beach/boardwalk at the Jersey Shore. It's not an easy job, but we can do it!

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