Nothing comes before or above the team -- it's a mantra, philosophy that can feel somewhat old school in certain circles nowadays but it is the only way to win with humility, grace, and composure and when you have all those things winning the Super Bowl seems more validated and real.

As for fans, even those following the game without a specific rooting interest, you want to see a competitive, close game on Super Bowl Sunday and for the most part, over the past 56 years, there has been that -- with some blowouts including Seahawks dominating the Broncos in 2014 and even others such as when the Buccaneers topped the Raiders in 2003 or Washington over Denver in 1988 and Dallas over Buffalo in 1993 and 1994.

It may seem cliche but watching a competitive football game with good sportsmanship and team play is what the game needs, it's what it deserves for providing that platform and field to use natural ability and skills to work towards something with others, some of your best friends.

To be honored with the Super Bowl MVP award after the game has to be one of the most humbling honors you could take away -- second to the team winning the game.

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While many times the Quarterback deserves to bring that honor home, there have been more games than not where a QB was given the award when another player arguably had a bigger impact on the game and victory.

There have been times when other skill players like Giants Running-Back Ottis Anderson won the Super Bowl MVP after a win over the Bills in 1991 or defensive players like Broncos Linebacker Von Miller following Super Bowl 50 -- but whoever votes on these awards should, I believe, truly give the MVP of that game to the player who does the most to impact it and to guide their team to a victory.

With that said, here are all the Super Bowl MVPs, Scores, and Winners, with information from ESPN and Pro-Football Reference.

Super Bowl Results and MVP's

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