Recently I asked you, What does Bayville need?" 

Wow, you gave me some great answers...

These Are the 10 Things You Chose That Bayville Needs

Bayville needs a lot. I love there and would love to see more. More places for the family. I'd love to see some great restaurants. And, I'd love to see a Kohl's or a large shopping store so I wouldn't have to go to Lacey or Toms River.

Wegmans or Trader Joe's would be fabulous. We have ShopRite but one more grocery store would be great in Bayville.

I hear all the time we need more family things to do in Bayville and I totally agree. We had Black Beard's Cave several years ago, for many years and now that's closed. I remember when we first moved to Bayville over 10 years ago and we loved Black Beard's. It was always such a cute place to take my parents and Abby was the perfect age for the smaller rides. We do need something like this again in Bayville.

Cracker Barrel, no matter what is always on a list of what a town needs. This is the one restaurant, no matter what we ask what you'd like to see, it's always Cracker Barrel. Ocean County definitely needs a Cracker Barrel.

An ice skating rink would be a great choice or a roller rink would be a lot of fun. An arcade was mentioned. A bowling alley and a movie theater were mentioned as what you would like to see in Bayville.

We definitely need something good in Bayville. "Thank you" for all of your suggestions.

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