Every Valentine's Day it seems everyone becomes an expert. You'll hear from "experts" about love, relationships, break-ups, ex's, husbands and wives, and anything else associated with love. I don't usually agree with most of it, but I did find some expert advice that makes sense.

It comes, from all places "Glamour" magazine. Someone at Glamour was smart enought to remind women that men just aren't as into Valentine's Day as you are girls. Now this doesn't mean guys hate the day or don't have any romance in them. It just means they won't circle the day on their calendar.

Don't get me wrong, I know many guys who like to show their girl how much they love her and use Valentine's Day as an excuse to do it. And I also know plenty of women who aren't circling the day on their calendar, and don't think it's a huge deal.

The reason I bring it up is for the specific instance of a girl wanting the day to be a big deal and her guy not realizing it. I just want those girls to know that guys aren't the most perceptive creatures on the planet and if he fails to come through on Valentine's Day, it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't love you. Maybe he's just being a....well...a...guy.

I hope so. Nothing's worse than a broken heart for Valentine's Day. In the meantime guys, pay attention!! You still have time to make the day special for her. You know she deserves it...now get to work!!

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