There is a rich history in Mommouth County, and it ll began somewhere. So which town is considered to be the oldest town in the county?

It wouldn't be any fun just to tell you, so we're going to have to try to let you figure it all out for yourself. You probably already know, but just in case you don't we're going to give you some historical clues to see if you can fill in the blank.

If you think you already know, just use these clues as ways of confirming your impressive Monmouth County knowledge. Here we go. Good luck with these clues.

According to Only In Your State, not only is this the oldest town in Monmouth County, but it's actually the 6th oldest town in the entire state.

This town was settled in in 1693, and it was settled on All Hallow's Eve.

This town is associated with a very famous pitcher...named Molly.

There were famous battles near here, and we don't mean the one's at the track.

This town was officially incorporated in 1798.

I'm pretty sure we gave you too many clues on this one, but if it somehow hasn't clicked for you yet, we are ready with a bonus clue...

The oldest harness racetrack in America is in this town.

So, by now you know we're talking about Freehold Township here. Check out the town's website to get more details. This is another town with a lot of local shopping options, and we hope you support as many local businesses as you can this holiday season. Find out more at the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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