You could get a teddy bear for the price of your child's age....but this time around you have to WIN the chance to do so.


Register starting today for a chance to are all the details:

Build-A-Bear's Pay Your Age Promotion is back, but without all the chaos that caused long lines, crying babies, angry parents, and stores having to close!

This time you can CLICK HERE to register, then you will be notified if your child is chosen to go to the store and be able to build a teddy bear for the price of their age.

You can start registering today (June 11th) through June 16th. If chosen, your child will build their bear June 24th thru 28th!

Good luck!

(P.S. The Build-A-Bear pictured here was given to us as a gift...named Elizabeth Louise for "Lou & Liz"!)

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