Sometimes you travel so much on a local road, you get to know it inside and out, and it's not just you. The whole town seems to know. For me that road is Bridge Ave in Point Boro.

I came up with three things anyone who travels on Bridge Ave in Point Pleasant Boro would know. See if you agree, and add your own if you'd like!

You never say Bridge Avenue. We all know it's Bridge Ave. That's it. Just A - V - E. You can drop the "nue", and if you don't you're not a Bridge AVE traveler. Just call the Jersey Mike's and see how they answer the phone.

Your car bottoms out at the Stop 'n Shop parking lot . If you are entering or exiting the Stop 'n Shop parking lot from the exit furthest from Route 88, you know there's a huge matter how many times they try to fix it. if you don't you're not from Boro.

And if you're traveling toward Bay Head and have just passed Beaver Dam Road, you know that at least one car will be trying to make a left into the Post Office. Every day, all the time. It's amazing.

I know there are plenty more I can come up with, and plenty more you can too if you know the road like I do, so feel free to add yours in the 'comments' section.

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